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Farming Deliveries
Looking for an affordable way to reach your target market?

We offer farming deliveries to your designated neighborhoods: flyers, postcards, newsletters, advertisements, flags or other creative marketing pieces.

Here’s why R&D Real Estate Services is the best service to use for your farming deliveries:

► Our delivery service, per piece, is priced LOWER THAN POSTAGE!

► While other services only deliver certain days or wait until they have several pieces for an area, we don’t. WE DELIVER QUICKLY ON YOUR SCHEDULE!

► We allow you to BE CREATIVE with your marketing… we can even deliver flagsand other materials directly to your farming areas!

► We can deliver your marketing pieces to a small area or large, to one neighborhood or to many, YOUR CHOICE!

► We are EXPERIENCED and have delivered for top-producing agents for years!

Getting a home ready to sell can be stressful.

There are 3 main reasons a property won't sell: price, location or condition. While there's not much you can do about the location, while you handle getting your client to price appropriately from day one, we can take the condition aspect off of your hands, freeing you up to handle more clients.

Here’s how R&D Real Estate Services can help:

► HANDYMAN SERVICE - Whether full repairs are needed or minor things like tightening knobs and changing lightbulbs, we are here to help your client put the finishing touches on their home so it is in tip-top showing condition. We also can handle any handyman items on your inspection punch list once you reach the due diligence period. We offer free quotes!

► PAINTING - Need to freshen the paint or or neutralize colors to make a home more marketable? We offer interior painting at reasonable rates.

► LANDSCAPING & LAWN CARE - Scroll down for more information.

A home that looks its best will get more showings and better offers, maximizing the seller's proceeds and your commission! Email or call us with the contact information for your client, and we would be happy to call them to set up an appointment to make suggestions and give them a free estimate.
Do you have that home that just won't sell because it has no curb appeal?

Have your client put their best foot forward with a nicely groomed lawn and landscaping.

Here’s why R&D Real Estate Services is the best service to use for lawn care:

► NO CONTRACT required. We can do a single job, or maintain the yard for the life of the listing, whatever works best for your client's budget.

► We have long-term EXPERIENCE working with homes that are for sale and can advise your clients on what landscaping changes will give them the best bang for their buck.

► Prices depend on level of service and  size of yard. We UNDERSTAND that there should not be a "one size fits all" price for every client and home like some lawn care companies charge. We met many of our current regulars while helping them prep a home for the rental or sales market, and they were so pleased with our prices and results that they became our customers long-term if moving within our service area!

Do you represent banks, lenders or investors who are selling foreclosures?

We can help you get top-dollar sales prices for your clients by bringing the foreclosed home back into move-in condition. We offer trash-outs, cleaning, painting, repairs and getting the yard back into shape. No home is too scary for R&D Real Estate Services! Contact us to set up an appointment for a free estimate.


Don't let lack of maintenance prevent you from selling a vacant home!
We can keep lawns and houses in shape while the owner is away. We can check it for any issues that have arisen, trim bushes, mow lawns, pick up trash and papers from the lawn, collect mail and package it for you to send to the absentee owner periodically, change smoke detector batteries that are failing, check for and replace burned out light bulbs, etc.

Also, ask about our expanded service package for your clients who own rental properties. We will customize our services to meet their needs! Contact us to learn more, or have them give us a call.