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  • We love to hear your feedback! If we've provided you with great service, we'd like to include your testimonial on this page. Please email to tell us about your experience with R&D Real Estate Services, subject line "testimonial". Also, if there is anything we can do to serve you better, we also welcome your thoughts and comments if you'd like to drop us a line. Remember, "Supporting Your Business is Our Business", so we want to be sure we are doing the very best job that we can for our customers!

    Thank you in advance for your time,
    The Shavers, R&D Real Estate Services
  • "I can't tell you how grateful I am to have R & D Real Estate Services as one of my affiliates. They have been a crucial part of my business since 1995. I rely on them heavily for handling everything from my Real Estate needs, to helping me with my listings/property management needs, and almost any side business job that I have, from lawn maintenance, handyman work, to mail delivery of flyers...they are there! It's like having a virtual assistant who is there for you whenever you pick up the phone to call them. Their work ethic is impeccable and I trust them completely. Also, their involvement in other community businesses, besides Real Estate, has proven to be a helpful tool for my career. I refer them with enthusiasm!"

    Christy Walker
    Christy Walker & Associates, Keller Williams Realty
  • "We have been using R&D Real Estate Services since August 2004. We were originally impressed with their service and remain impressed today! They have been an important part of our business since 2004. We rely on them heavily for handling everything from minor repairs & lawn care, maid cleaning plus large renovation work. Their handyman work is done with pride and their desire to service your client is amazing! We can call or email them and get our work quoted and set up to complete with ease! Their work ethic is impeccable and we refer them with confidence that you will be pleased with their service!”

    Grant Mosteller
    Mark 1 Realty
  • "When refinancing our older home, we got caught in a pinch with some last-minute updates required by FHA before closing. R&D Real Estate Services responded quickly and made the required repairs and painted in a very short period of time at a reasonable price. The FHA appraiser was very pleased with the results, so we were able to close our loan. Thanks for your help and a job well done!"

    The Kelly Family
  • "We purchased our home in 2003 and needed a bondable, reliable lawn service, caretaker and housekeeper. The Shavers answered all our needs under one roof. Now that we are in our home full time, R&D Real Estate Services continues to maintain our lawn, shrubs, fertilizing program, weed control, plus sprinkler system diagnostics and second story gutter clearance. We highly recommend the dependable R&D Estate Services. You may call for a reference."

    Ray Duranti
  •  "I was so impressed with the level of service that the owners and their employees at R&D Real Estate Services provide that I now use them for yard and landscaping services at my personal home. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my clients or use them for other real estate services.

     Lynne Kelly
     Allen Tate Realtors®
  • "We have used R&D services for over 4 years now, they are extremely reliable and thanks to their diligence and attention to detail we have a green and lush lawn.”

  • "I have used R&D Real Estate Services for real estate farming delivery services for years. They work very hard, go beyond the point of expectation. Very good people."

    Chris Anthony
    Allen Tate Realtors®